How often should you get your intruder alarm serviced?

In the realm of security, consistency is key. At No Entry Fire & Security, we emphasise the critical importance of regular maintenance for your intruder alarm. In this article, we shed light on why an annual service is not just a routine check, but a proactive measure in fortifying your security infrastructure.

Why Every 12 Months Matters: Your intruder alarm is the frontline defender of your property, and like any system, it requires regular attention to ensure optimal performance. Getting your intruder alarm serviced every 12 months is not just a suggestion; it’s a commitment to the reliability and effectiveness of your security. By adhering to this timeline, you mitigate the risk of potential issues, keeping your security at its best when you need it the most.

Investing in the annual servicing of your intruder alarm is an investment in the continuous safety of your space. At No Entry Fire & Security, we understand that a reliable intruder alarm is not just a convenience but a necessity. Choose the proactive path to security maintenance, and let our expert technicians ensure that your intruder alarm stands the test of time.

How often should you get your intruder alarm serviced?

The No Entry Approach to Intruder Alarm Servicing: When you choose No Entry Fire & Security for your intruder alarm servicing, you’re opting for a thorough and meticulous inspection. Our process involves a complete assessment of your system, where we identify and repair any faults that may compromise its functionality. Additionally, we address battery replacements where needed, guaranteeing that your intruder alarm is powered and ready to respond.

We Service Any Kind of Intruder Alarm: No matter the make or model, our skilled technicians are equipped to service any kind of intruder alarm. Whether you have a wired or wireless system, our comprehensive servicing extends to all types, ensuring that your specific security needs are met with precision and expertise.

Fault Detection and Repair: Our intruder alarm service goes beyond routine checks. We prioritise fault detection and repair to ensure that your system is resilient to potential issues. Identifying and rectifying faults during servicing prevents future malfunctions, providing you with uninterrupted security coverage.

Battery Changes for Reliability: Batteries are the lifeblood of your intruder alarm, and their efficacy diminishes over time. As part of our servicing, we change batteries where needed, ensuring that your alarm system remains robust and responsive. This proactive step enhances the reliability of your security, offering peace of mind in knowing that your intruder alarm is consistently operating at its best.

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