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Automated Gate Installer in West Yorkshire

At No Entry Fire & Security, we offer comprehensive services for the installation and maintenance of electric gates, ensuring both security and convenience for our clients. Our expert team handles every aspect of the installation process, from initial assessment and design to seamless integration.

Automated Gate Installation & Servicing

Automated gates serve as a robust deterrent against unauthorised access, bolstering security for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. This is particularly beneficial in high-crime areas or locations where stringent access control is essential.

Security Gates
Improved Security

Access control systems provide a heightened level of security by restricting and monitoring entry to designated areas. This prevents unauthorized access and minimizes the risk of theft, vandalism, or other security breaches.


The integration of a remote control or keypad enhances convenience, elevating accessibility for property owners. This seamless approach to secure entry not only amplifies convenience but also ensures a user-friendly experience.

Regulated Access Automated Gates
Regulated Access

Automated gates provide control over who can access your property. This is particularly beneficial for businesses or communities where restricted access is a high priority, such as a school.

Why Choose No Entry Fire & Security for your Automated Gates

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in maintaining and repairing automated gates, spanning several years. The journey began in 2014 when No Entry Security Ltd was established, evolving and expanding over time. As our company grew, so did our involvement with automated gates, leading to a significant focus on this specialised area.

In 2017, we transitioned into No Entry Fire and Security Ltd, marking a pivotal moment in our engagement with automated gate installations for both domestic and commercial clients. Our commitment to safety was solidified when we became registered Gate Safe Installers, specialising in fault rectification.

Our services encompass force pressure testing, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of automated gates and barriers. Upon successful completion of safety and force tests, we provide certificates, reflecting our dedication to delivering secure and reliable automated gate solutions.

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Gate Safe Certified Installer in Brighouse

At No Entry Fire and Security Ltd, we take pride in being Gate Safe certified, a distinction that sets us apart in the field of automated gate installations and maintenance. This certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety standards and best practices in the industry.

Gate Safe is a renowned initiative dedicated to promoting awareness and adherence to safety guidelines in the automated gate sector. By achieving Gate Safe certification, we demonstrate our compliance with rigorous safety standards and a proactive approach to minimizing risks associated with automated gate systems.

Being Gate Safe certified is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that our clients can trust in the safety and reliability of our automated gate installations. This certification reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety, mitigating potential hazards and risks associated with automated gate systems.

Gate Safe Installer

Convenient Security

Automated gates stand as a testament to modern advancements in security and convenience, offering an array of benefits in diverse scenarios. Primarily, these gates serve as formidable guardians, enhancing security by deterring unauthorized access. This is particularly invaluable for residential properties seeking a heightened sense of safety in high-crime areas or exclusive communities aiming to control entry effectively.

The convenience factor of automated gates extends beyond security, providing a seamless and swift entry and exit experience for property owners. Whether it’s a homeowner returning from work or a business owner overseeing daily operations, the automated functionality ensures effortless access. Additionally, the privacy and exclusivity offered by these gates contribute to their popularity in luxury estates and upscale business premises, where controlled access is a priority.

Beyond the residential realm, automated gates play a pivotal role in securing businesses. The ability to regulate access ensures that only authorized personnel enter designated areas, safeguarding against potential security threats. Moreover, their integration with other security systems, such as CCTV and access control, creates a comprehensive security infrastructure suitable for diverse business settings.

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