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Wireless RSI / Videofied CCTV


Videofied delivers faster police response to an actual crime because the human operators filter out false alarms.

Videofied systems provide responsive security to a large variety of residential, commercial, and industrial sites and applications from large homes and small offices to remote mining plants and urban substations.


The benefits of Videofied for commercial and residential customers begin at installation; wireless installs are fast and cost effective. As an upgrade to existing burglar alarms, Videofied smoothly integrates to the current burglar alarm to enhance an existing system with video for faster police response.

For new installs, Videofied offers a complete standalone system with keypads, sirens, door contacts and other peripherals.

Video verification of a burglary means faster police response to a crime.


No wires to cut. Reliable wireless performance means that even if the MotionViewer is removed by an intruder, it can continue transmitting video for police response.


RSI CCTV = No Mains = No Problem


We sell and Hire the full RSI Videofied Range


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