Customer Service Policy


Our Customer Service Statement :


Our company has been founded from its very start on customer service, We strongly believe that getting it right for our customer gets it right for us. We focus our attention on installing your security system to your needs and requirements and keeping it that way. We will endeavour to go the extra mile to keeping your system working exactly how it should.




Honesty Policy

"The best working relationships are built upon honesty, openness and integrity"

Doing business is very much a two-way partnership. Our long-standing customer relationships are built upon a foundation of mutual trust and integrity.

If we believe that your requirements will be better fulfilled in a different way to the routes you suggest – we will tell you.

If we believe that your business does not require all the elements and components you stipulate – we will tell you, saving you time and money.

If things go awry (which, despite our best efforts they occasionally do) we will not shy away from keeping you informed.